Mary today wrote to the Prime Minster following receipt of heart breaking emails from her constituents after revelations of a party at Downing Street on 18 December 2020 rocked people across the country.

At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, the Prime Minister repeatedly alluded to a party that “may or may not” have happened, whilst the PM’s former spokesperson resigned after she joked about the situation.

Mary’s letter comes at a time when polling suggests the public are in favour of Boris Johnson’s resignation.”

Mary commented:

“The revelations of a party at Downing Street, which broke the government’s own COVID guidance, are truly shocking. My constituents made grave sacrifices to protect themselves, their loved ones and our NHS. The constant betrayals from this government are breaking the public’s trust and enough is enough, the Prime Minister needs to realise that his actions, and those of the government, have serious consequences”.

“How can it be right that my constituents waved to loved ones through care home windows, lost the right to visit dying relatives in hospital and spent Christmas in small bubbles, all while Downing Street partied into the night”.

“I have sent the experiences one of my constituents kindly shared with me to the Prime Minister in the hope that it might open his eyes to the trauma that people were going through while his own staff so blatantly flouted the rules. My constituent lost his wife, and his children lost their mother. Firm action must be taken swiftly against those who organised and attended the Downing Street party and if the Prime Minister or members of his cabinet were in attendance, resignations must follow”.

Full text of Mary’s letter can be found below:

Dear Prime Minister,

As I sat listening to you during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday this week, I noticed notifications appearing furiously on my mobile phone. Emails were arriving from my constituents who were watching on in absolute disbelief and anger as you stood at the despatch box and attempted to explain more about the events which “may or may not have happened on 18 December last year”. The rumoured events took place at a time when we were told that covid restrictions were a matter of life and death and my constituents made huge personal sacrifices to ensure the safety of themselves, their families, their friends and importantly – to protect our NHS.

I wish to put on record with you, the trauma that one of my constituents suffered at the same time Downing Street was in full party swing.

Last night, a constituent reached out to me and told me about his beloved wife. His wife sadly had cancer and he and his family were faced with a gut-wrenching decision as to how her care should take place going forward. Despite his wife being in severe pain, he told me how they made the “agonising” decision to care for her at home as going into a hospice, unable to see her children, was not an option. Thankfully, they were supported in their decision by wonderful district nurses. In the last weeks of his wife’s life, it was not possible for her many friends and family members to visit her to say goodbye. It was a cruel and traumatic death in very difficult circumstances.

A wife, mother, friend, soulmate – gone! All while Downing Street partied into the night.

Imagine, just for a moment, the pain you would have felt this week watching a member of government staff laughing about colleagues breaking the rules having lost your wife at the very time the rumoured event took place which they were laughing about. It was heartless!

My constituent went on to tell me “to hear that the government, at its very heart, was making light of their own rules whilst we were experiencing this is unforgivable and is tantamount to treating people with absolute disdain”. He very graciously accepts that his story will be far from unique and he continued to tell me that “Boris Johnson’s lies and failure to be honest even in the face of the blindingly obvious evidence to the contrary is distressing, unethical, scandalous.”

I don’t expect the experiences my constituent went through to have any impact on decisions you may have to make in the coming days and weeks, but I’d ask you to think back to PMQs on Wednesday and the eerie silence which fell over the entire chamber on a number of occasions as we listened to testimonies of families up and down the country. That silence was born from respect, the

respect that we, as elected representatives should be showing to every single person in this country who has given up so much and got so little in return.

My constituents need and deserve reassurances. Their faith in the government, especially after the recent woeful response to Storm Arwen and now the latest revelations of a party at Downing Street breaking government guidance, is at an all-time low and you must look at the actions of your government if there is any hope for that faith to ever return. Action must be taken against the people who organised and attended the Downing Street party and if you, or any of your cabinet, were in attendance then resignations must follow.

You mentioned on Wednesday that the opposition was playing politics with this issue, I’d ask you to show more respect to those who have lost so much over the last 18 months – none of this is a game!


I await your response.

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